• Zimbabwe


To be the centre of excellence in macro-economic policy formulation, coordination and stewardship of public resources to achieve sustainable socio-economic growth and development.


2.To formulate and coordinate sound macroeconomic policies, effectively mobilise, allocate, manage and account for public resources.

Core Values

Overall Functions of the Ministry

To manage the Consolidated Revenue Fund, the National Development Fund and the public debt portfolio;
Formulate and administer the National Accounting Policy;
Formulate and administer the National Budget;
Design and implement up to date and effective systems of internal check and control;
Mobilise financial resources to finance Government Programmes;
Facilitate and participate in the negotiations related to domestic and international mobilisation of resources;
Collect revenue due to Government, in particular through the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA);
Analyse the performance of public enterprises and advise on matters of financial policy;
Carry out macro-economic reviews and recommend policies that promote macro-economic stability necessary for sustainable economic growth and development;
Give policy guidelines to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe;
Administer the National Economic Conduct Inspectorate;
Administer the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency.