1. Kenneth Hlasa

Kenneth is the Chief Executive Officer of ESAAG with effect from 01 June 2017. He is responsible for strategy and policy implementation, financial and risk management, performance management of operations, corporate governance, and stakeholder and people management. He previously worked as the Bursa of the National University of Lesotho for 2 years, Advisor to the Minister of The Ministry of Local Government in Fiscal Decentralisation for 2 years, Senior Lecture at the National University of Lesotho for 20 years and as an Accountant General of Lesotho for 5 years.

He served on several boards of directors in Lesotho including the Lesotho Electricity Corporation, Lesotho Electricity Communications Company and Central Bank of Lesotho. Kenneth is a Chartered Accountant and also holds Bcomm Accounting and Masters in Accountancy qualifications.

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4. Schalk Human

Schalk joined National Treasury in 2008 contributing to the capacity development initiatives of National Treasury. He currently is the acting Accountant-General of South Africa and believes that strides have been made towards improving Public Financial Management in South Africa and is enthusiastic of prospects in Public Financial Management.

In the 1 year and 9 months acting period up to September 2013, Schalk managed to achieve the following at ESAAG; restore the proper functioning of the institution, develop a healthy relationship between Management and the donors, proper functioning of operations including financial management and secure additional funding for the Association’s operations. Upon handing over of his responsibilities, he has prioritised building key partnerships, the expansion the Associations Capacity Building initiatives and quality improvement of services current offered.

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3. Manfred Moses

Manfred is the former Acting Chief Executive Officer of ESAAG with effect from 1 October 2013 ending 31 March 2016. He was responsible for Strategy and Policy implementation, Financial and Risk management, Performance Management of Operations, Corporate Governance, as well as Stakeholder and people management. During his tenure as CEO, the ESAAG Secretariat had a staff compliment of 5 and a revenue of +R10 million.

Mr Moses also worked for the National Treasury – South Africa as a Senior Financial Analyst responsible for Risk Management and Internal Audit Capacity Building to all spheres of government. He has over 10 years of solid management experience coupled with leadership skills having worked at top institutions such as Gobodo, Auditor –General and South African Revenue Services (SARS).

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2. Freeman Nomvalo

Freeman is the former the Chief Executive Officer of ESAAG with effect from 01 April 2016  ending 30 March 2017. He was the Accountant-General of South Africa at the National Treasury for more than nine years and his responsibilities included setting and executing the strategy for financial management improvement and governance in the South African public sector. This role covered areas such as accounting, reporting, internal audit, risk management as well as the public financial management legislations. In the past four (4) years this role expanded to include investigations of financial management system failures and forensic investigations.

He served on various boards of directors and trustees on behalf of the South African government, including the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors (IRBA), which regulates the auditing profession; and the Accounting Standard Board (ASB), which sets accounting standards for the South African public sector. Freeman also serves on the advisory committee of the University of Pretoria’s faculty of Economic and Management Sciences.

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The foundation of smart government is good governance. This can only be accomplished with sound fiscal management and citizen engagement. We build the only smart management solution powered by and built exclusively for government with these principles in mind:

  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Good governance


Customers are at the core of everything we do. So much so that we include them in our product development process. We don’t repurpose enterprise solutions, we build with government, for government.


Working with governments is a special privilege that also carries with it a responsibility to uploading the highest standard of ethics. FreeBalance adheres to the most stringent code conduct that informs everything we do.

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As more companies and institutions do business in Africa, Deloitte endeavours to provide clients with a consistent service through our OneDeloitte approach. Deloitte is one of Africa’s leading professional services firm, providing services of the highest standard through over 6 000 professionals. With offices in 33 African countries, a current presence in 45 and the ability to serve 52 nations on the continent, Deloitte has an unrivalled capability to service its clients’ with the highest standard regardless of the challenges of geography and bureaucracy.

An integrated African Firm

Through an extensive African network, Deloitte offers insights and services across all industries, with unique capabilities and services to partner with you at any stage of your Africa expansion strategy.

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The Bank opened February 4, 1901. After that first day, the total of depository accounts was overdrawn $5.25!  The first bank was a rock building on the northwest corner of our present bank lot. When the current bank was constructed, that rock was used for the planters.  The first President was S.C. Butler. In 1906, Karnes County National elected its first of a number of women to its Board of Directors, Mrs. Josephine H. Frost. In 1909, the Bank moved to the 200 block of Calvert Avenue where it remained for 62 years.

In 1917, J. D. “Dick” Ruckman began a 53 year career with the Bank, where he later became President. In 1920, Joe E. Yeary started to work as a bookkeeper. His career as an employee and later Vice President and Director totaled 73 years and 8 months! In 1928, the Bank bought its signature chiming clock that was later donated to City Hall in 1971.

During the first thirty years, many loans were made to people from all walks of life, including minorities, to finance farming and ranching operations, secured by liens on crops, cotton bales, cattle, horses and mules.  In 1932, George Haven began a 62 year career with the Bank as janitor. Mr. Haven, or “Bub”, was well known and respected for his riding, roping and cowboy skills. During the mid 1930’s, the bank repossessed a cotton gin and operated it for several seasons.

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With a worldwide presence, KPMG continues to build on our member firms’ successes thanks to our clear vision, maintained values, and our people.

Welcome to the KPMG knowledge base of research that demonstrates our understanding of complex business challenges faced by companies around the world.

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Techno Brain helps global enterprises, including Fortune 100 companies, by providing leading technology, consulting, and outsourcing solutions. Since our inception in 1997, we have built our strategy around innovation, technology, and teamwork.

Breaking New Ground

Techno Brain’s focus on innovation has let us deliver ground-breaking solutions across verticals. We help enterprises adapt to evolving markets and new technological paradigms through our strategic consulting, application and enterprise management solutions, and advanced technologies including Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, Mobility, Cloud Computing, and Analytics.

Our commitment to society

We at Techno Brain are committed and proud to do what we can. Through education, employment, innovation and our solutions, we contribute to that shared goal

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