27 Feb

24th Annual Conference - 2017

ESAAG hosted 24th Annual International Conference - 2017. The guiding theme for the conference was “Ensuring transparency and accountability in Public Finance Management". The conference attendance was 682 delegates from all ESAAG 14 member countries.

The aim of the conference is to provide a platform for PFM professionals from different countries and organisations to discuss and share their unique experiences and lessons learnt in implementing PFM reforms thereby affording delegates the opportunity to take advantage of the learning from other countries.

The ESAAG Conferences aim to serve as a knowledge-sharing platform for Public Finance Management (PFM) practitioners on their organisational as well as country specific experience regarding the direct role of PFM in the region, allowing them to take advantage of the unique experiences of other countries.

Our Sponsors;

  1. Techno Brain Group
  2. EY
  3. ICT Works

Please contact the Secretariat on Tel: +2712 315 5071/ +2712 395 6575 for further information.

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